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My Girlfriend would like to have sexual intercourse all of the Time – Ask Olivia

My Girlfriend would like to have sexual intercourse all of the Time – Ask Olivia

Hi Olivia!

I’m in times I’m certain many males think they’d love. My gf desires to have sex on a regular basis. And also by on a regular basis I mean as much as 3 times each and every day. I just don’t have actually time with this, and also to be truthful, i recently don’t have that much lust and desire either.

In the beginning, i did son’t think her behavior ended up being strange. We’d just satisfy, we had been in love therefore we had intercourse on a regular basis. It had been great.

The good news is it is been a lot more than a year. We’ve relocated in together. Her appetite that is sexual does appear to slow straight straight down. Even with all this work time my girlfriend would like to have sex on a regular basis. I’m often late for work. So when i actually do show up to your workplace, I’m sleep deprived because we additionally remained up and had intercourse the before night. We have done, even if it’s after midnight, she still wants to have sex when we come home from whatever activity. We have attempted to adjust my schedule whenever possible, but this thing that is whole switching directly into a large turn fully off.

I Don’t Know Very Well What to complete

Often we find her advances inappropriate and unpleasant. I attempt to tell her it’s perhaps perhaps not the right situation or that I’m not into the mood. She calls me personally boring or perhaps a prude.

In other cases she manages to essentially turn me personally one so we find yourself having sex that is great. I realize for her to understand when its right and when it’s not right that it’s not easy. I don’t understand myself. Nonetheless i recognize we can’t keep this phase up.

I favor my girl but I’m starting to believe one thing is incorrect utilizing the real method she pertains to intercourse.