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Tensions and contradictions Women’s tales of sexuality and ageing in the context for the past

Tensions and contradictions Women’s tales of sexuality and ageing in the context for the past

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Rachel Thorpe, Research Fellow, Australian Research Centre in Intercourse, Health Insurance And Community. Los Angeles Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. E-mail [email protected]

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This informative article explores older Australian women’s sexual subjectivities within the context of social objectives of generational improvement in later-life intimate techniques. Drawing upon interview and data that are journal 28 women aged 55 to 81, it considers diverse recollections of the intimate pasts and their present subjective objectives of intercourse and closeness in later years. These information claim that these ‘post liberation’ women’s understandings of the intimate everyday lives had been shaped with a rejection of asexual age that is old while simultaneously relying upon old-fashioned gendered and heteronormative notions of intimate practice and desire. Using a crucial lens that is gerontological these information, this short article demonstrates the existence of hurdles within the sometimes over-simplified and linear interpretations of generational modification.


The distinctive effect of generational modification, particularly among post-Second World War cohorts has grown to become a theme that is common ageing research (Gilleard and Higgs, 2007). They range from the baby-b mer cohort (defined in Australia as those born between 1946 and 1965 (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2012)) consequently they are connected with a handful of important social movements that were held within the 1960s and 1970s like the alleged revolution that is sexual women’s and gay liberation and second-wave feminism (Rowntree, 2014; Rowntree and Zufferey, 2015).