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My partner goes down me personally: Agony aunt answers your questions

My partner goes down me personally: Agony aunt answers your questions

The agony aunt reaches the center of the relationship issues.

‘My gf explained that often she fantasises about fictional characters whenever we make love’

Our rebound love has turned sour

Q: i believe my partner is certainly going down me personally. She’s started coming house late and does not actually speak to me anymore. We worry she’s never ever liked me just as much as she did her ex and she’d get back to him if she could.

We met up during 2009 and I’m certain it had been in the rebound – her husband had simply kept her for her earliest buddy and she ended up being determined to “get straight straight right back within the saddle”. Our start had been invested eating dinner out, travelling and having intercourse. Nevertheless now everything’s going sour. Just how do I broach the topic without producing a split?

A Neither of you’ll continue steadily to conceal from the blindingly apparent. In the event that spark moved from the relationship, if you’re barely interacting, then these issues have to be addressed. Clearly at this point you genuinely believe that your partner leapt into this relationship too rapidly without correctly going through the very last.

It may be that she hardly ever really grieved or attempted to create feeling of where in fact the wedding went incorrect. I recommend you’ve got that very long overdue heart-to-heart then offer her all of the room she requires. Inform her you recognise that she’s conflicted and may just contact you if – as soon as – she feels prepared to commit a hundred.